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S200 plus Series Continuous Inkjet Printer

  • Easy operation with 10.1"large screen

  • One-key start and stop precise control

  • Independent module maintenance is simple

  • Automatic cleaning to prevent clogging

  • Classic ink circuit is stable and reliable

S200 plus Series Continuous Inkjet Printer

S200 plus Series Continuous Inkjet Printer

S200 plus Series Continuous Inkjet Printer

S200 plus Series Continuous Inkjet Printer

S200 Plus Printing parameters  

Machine type
S200 plus CIJ Inkjet Printer
Print Head1
Character lattice

5×6L 7×6L 7×10L 9×8L 9×11L

11×11L 16×16L 24×24L 32×32L
11×11B 16×16B 24×24B 32×32B
Character height2-20mm
Printing distanceThe best printing distance 12mm
Number of printing linesMax 5 lines
Printing speedMaximum printing speed 384m / min
Nozzle size40μm, 50μm, 60μm, 75μm, 85μm
Print contentText, time, date, pattern, shift, serial number, dynamic barcode / QR code, dynamic database
(Additional content can be added as required)
Barcode types: CODE11, C25INTER, CODE39, EXCODE39, EAN13, EAN13x, CODE128, CODE16K, CODE49, CODE93, Flattermarken, UPCA, UPCE, EAN14, VIN, NVE18
2D code types:QRcode, DataMatrix, MicroQRcode, PDF417, PDF417TRTRUNC, MICROPDF417
(More types can be provided on demand)
counterMore than 20 independent counters
Printing materialCarton, plastic, metal, sheet, pipe, stone, cable, glass, electronic components, auto parts, industrial chemical packaging, medical food gift box
Ink typeFood grade ink, edible egg ink, dye ink, pigment ink
Ink colorBlack, white, red, yellow, blue, green, invisible,
Display screen10.1-inch display
Main hardwareAmerican TI AM3358 industrial grade CPU,American Xilinx Spartan7 industrial grade FPGA
Communication InterfaceUSB data port
External interfaceOptical eye,Encoder,Reverse and upside down control, Signal light alarm output,Serial number output control, External printing information selection
Catheter length3 meters /6 meters
Support languageSupport more than 40 national languages (Chinese, English, Arabic, Danish, German, Russian, French, Finnish, Korean, Japanese, Spanish, Italian, etc.)
Power parametersInput 200-240V AC 50 / 60Hz
Rated power150W
Machine material304 stainless steel
Protection levelIP55
Machine specificationsHost 447mm * 242mm * 650mm
Operating temperature0 ℃-45 ℃ (depending on the ink used)
Working humidity10%-90% (no frosting)
Related certificationRoHS, CE, EAC

Continuous inkjet printer feature

Continuous inkjet printer Software features

This Continuous inkjet printer has extremely simple operation interface allows the operator to quickly learn to use and reduce the learning cost. With humanized functional logic, field prompts and pre-defined format selection, it can avoid misoperation and ensure the accuracy of the printing process.
One-click start-stop function is not only easy to operate, but also shortens maintenance time and reduces maintenance costs.
A variety of counters are available, such as total code counting, product counting, serial number counting, and repeated counting.
Support automatic flip, upside down, height and width adjustment, information rotation, character bolding and other printing information adjustment, flexibly adapt to various printing usage scenarios.
Multi-level password protection, user-defined user information and permissions can be customized to ensure the safety of operation.

S200 plus inkjet printer Structural features

The IP55 protection level can still work stably in various harsh environments such as dust and humidity, ensuring high-quality printing effects.
The print head is equipped with an ink line observation lens. The stroboscopic effect can be used to observe the state of the ink line when it passes through the charging tank.
Inkjet printer is adopt 304 stainless steel outer box, the structure is firm, resistant to corrosion, oxidation and not easy to rust.
The detachable nozzle design can change the required nozzle size according to the actual use, and it is convenient for maintenance.
You can choose to connect to the factory air source or add an internal air pump to provide positive pressure air to the nozzle to prevent external pollutants from entering the nozzle and ensure the safety of the ink droplet charging process and the cleanliness of ink recovery. (The internal air pump uses the air in the machine to ensure that the air source is clean and clean)

Ink supply characteristics

The real-time monitoring system of solvent and ink volume reminds the user of the remaining amount of solvent and ink, which is convenient for production planning.
The ink viscosity management system automatically adds the diluent according to the parameter settings and actual usage, and intelligently controls the optimal viscosity value to maintain the best printing quality.
Ink temperature monitoring system, according to the parameter settings and the use of ambient temperature, automatically correct the temperature value of the printing ink to maintain the best printing quality.
Ink automatic emptying function, one-key operation can empty the pipeline ink, convenient for maintenance and replacement parts, one-key restart can automatically empty the pipeline air, filled with ink, easy to restart the machine.
The automatic cleaning function of the nozzle ensures that the nozzle will not be blocked after a long time of shutdown, and supports the rapid start of the machine.
This S200 plus Inkjet Printer has independent pump and valve ink path control system can realize precise control of local pipelines and ensure the stability of printing. At the same time, it is more conducive to determining machine failures, shortening maintenance time and reducing maintenance costs.
The innovative double stirring function prevents the pigment ink from settling due to long-term stationary.
       The recycling ink tube is close to the bottom of the ink cartridge, and the impact force when recycling the ink causes the bottom to oscillate to achieve the impact stirring effect. A precision motor is installed under the ink tank to provide power for rotation to achieve the effect of swirling stirring. The combination of double agitation methods prevents static precipitation, so that each ink droplet ejected is mixed and balanced, and the printing effect is excellent.

S200 Plus Continuous inkjet printer other features

S200 Plus Continuous inkjet printer with the condenser and solvent recycling system, the solvent utilization rate can be increased by 15% -30%, thereby reducing operating costs by 15% -30%.
Signal analysis and processing, can be pre-prompted by the high alarm light of the production line
Related content can be customized according to needs

What Is a Continuous Inkjet Printer?

Continuous inkjet printers work by spraying strictly controlled ink particles onto the target to form clear and long-lasting marks. Inkjet printers are roughly divided into two categories: printers connected to office or home PCs, and continuous inkjet (CIJ) printers used in factory production lines. Docod's S series is a continuous inkjet (CIJ) printer, which is mainly used to print expiration date, batch number, barcode/2D code on products in factories and warehouses. Due to the non-contact nature of inkjet printing, blur and product damage are essentially avoided. This technology can print at high speed from any direction or direction, and the compact print head can be easily installed on the packaging machine or filling machine, making the installation process easy and free. Continuous inkjet printers (CIJ) operate by ejecting precisely controlled ink droplets onto primary packaging such as cans, bottles, films and all other forms of primary packaging substrates. These codes are used to print the expiration date, otherwise called the best expiration date and batch number, production information or bar code.

How to Run Continuous Inkjet Printers?

Continuous inkjet printing is simpler and cheaper than many complex technologies used in coding/marking products today. How does the CIJ printer work? Here is a brief overview: Continuous inkjet printers create a continuous flow of ink by pushing liquid ink through the gun body and micro nozzles through a high-pressure pump. Many industries need high-speed printing, which is what CIJ can provide. CIJ is a non-contact continuous ink system that actually eliminates potential damage to packaging or products during the printing process. Whether it is occasionally in the production process or daily printing, CIJ printing is very suitable for use in harsh environments, and can be used with various inks according to the specific needs of your industry. Solvent-based inks containing alcohols or ketones can also be used in continuous inkjet printers, thereby shortening the drying time. It is important to note that if your printing process needs to be started and stopped frequently, it is recommended to use ink that does not freeze. Graphic printing, expiration date and barcodes can be done using small character continuous inkjet printers, which can provide accuracy and can seamlessly work with curved, flat or textured surfaces.

Continuous inkjet printer classification

Inkjet printers are roughly divided into two categories: continuous and on-demand.

On-demand types are further divided into piezoelectric, thermal and valve types.

Continuous inkjet technology

Continuous inkjet printer technology is an ideal choice for marking on flat or curved surfaces. It is a non-contact printing method that can use a variety of continuous inkjet inks to print on almost all substrates. Continuous inkjet printers print batch codes, serial numbers, barcodes and traceability information onto products and packaging. These printers use high-performance inks to meet your application needs.

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