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M2000 High Stable CIJ Inkjet Printer

  • The mixing cylinder adopts an oblique bottom design so that the ink is not easy to precipitate.

  • Ultra-highly integrated industrial-grade new motherboard architecture, stable function, better cope with extremely harsh use environments.

M2000 High Stable CIJ Inkjet Printer

M2000 High Stable CIJ Inkjet Printer

Printing parameters

Nozzle duct 3m/6m
Nozzle specifications42u, 55u, 70u
Printing height2-20mm
Printing distance3-30mm
Number of printing lines1~4 lines
Maximum printing speed528 meters/min
CountersCounters up to 24 counters
Ink colorblack, red, blue, green, invisible, yellow, blue and white
Ink typeHigh adhesion, high temperature resistance, special for glass, permeability, food grade, oil resistance, pigment ink
Printing materialscarton, plastic, metal, sheet, pipe, stone, glass, electronic components, auto parts, industrial chemical packaging, medicine and food gift packaging boxes
Print contenttext, time, date, pattern, shift, serial number, dynamic barcode/QR code, dynamic serial port data, dynamic database

Machine parameters

Operating systemEmbedded Linux security operating system
Display screen 10.1-inch color display, industrial touch screen
Communication interfaceUSB, RS232, network port, connect to the enterprise MES management system (various external device protocols can be added)
Protection classIP65
Power parameterinput 100-240V AC
Rated power190W
Motherboard memory256M
Machine material304 stainless steel
Size specification337mm*316mm*561mm (length*width*height)
Working environment temperature 0-45℃/humidity 30-70%Rh
Related certificationsCE, EAC
Net weight19.94kg
Main hardware

U.S. TI AM3358 industrial-grade CPU, U.S. Xilinx Spant6 industrial-grade FPGA, ASIC chip

External interface light eye, encoder, alarm light, information control

Supported languagesSupport more than 40 national languages (Chinese, English, Arabic, Danish, German, Russian, French, Finnish, Korean, Norwegian, Portuguese, Japanese, Spanish, Italian, etc.)

  • The mixing tank adopts an oblique bottom design so that the ink is not easy to precipitate.

  • The ultra-highly integrated industrial-grade new motherboard architecture has stable functions and rapid operation, which can better cope with extremely harsh environments.

  • The white ink machine has an automatic stirring function to solve the distress of pigment ink precipitation.

  • The nozzle is easy to clean and not easy to clog the nozzle, and the printing is stable and durable.

  • The recovery pump has high stability, is not easy to get stuck in the pump, is durable, the stainless steel outer body has excellent heat dissipation, supports multiple communication interfaces, and multiple national languages.

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