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D100 SERIES DOD Large Character Inkjet Printer

DOD Inkjet Printer:

l Easy operation with 7"large screen

l  One-key start and stop precise control

l  Independent module maintenance is simple

l  Automatic cleaning to prevent clogging

l  Classic ink circuit is stable and reliable

D100 Printing parameters  

Machine type
DOD D100 Inkjet Printer
Print Head1
Character lattice

5×6L 7×6L 7×10L 9×8L 9×11L

11×11L 12×12L 16×16L 24×24L 32×32L
11×11B 12×12B 16×16B 24×24B 32×32B
Character height5-128mm
Printing distanceThe best printing distance 12mm
Number of printing linesMax 4 lines
Printing speedMaximum printing speed 600m dots/s
Nozzle size80μm, 120μm, 150μm
Print content

Text, Time, Date(Julian Year), Logo, Shift, SN, Dynamic Barcode/QR Code,

Dynamic Serial Data, Dynamic Database(Additional content can be added as required)G

counterMore than 20 independent counters
Printing material

Carton, Plastic, Metal, Sheet Material, Pipe, Stone,Glass, Electronic components, Industrial chemical packaging, Paint surface and other paint permeable and non-permeable surface

Ink type

MEK based   Water based   Alcohol based  Acetonyl  Pigment 

Ink color

 Black, White, Blue, Green, Yellow, Invisible

Display screen7-inch display
Main hardware

American TI AM 3358 industrial grade CPU American Xilinx Spartan-6 industrial grade FPGA

Communication Interface

Network port, USB, RS232

External interface

Optical sensor, Encoder, Signal light alarm output, Serial number control and transport, External printing information selection and flipped

Support languageSupport more than 40 national languages (Chinese, English, Arabic, Danish, German, Russian, French, Finnish, Korean, Japanese, Spanish, Italian, etc.)
Power parametersInput 100-240V AC
Rated power150W
Machine material304 stainless steel
Protection levelIP65
Machine specificationsHost 296mm * 296mm * 490mm
Operating temperature0 ℃-45 ℃ (depending on the ink used)
Working humidity10%-90% (no frosting)
Related certificationRoHS, CE, FCC

DOD D100 Inkjet Printer

D100 series large character inkjet printer adopts high reliable Drop-On-Demand ink-jet solenoid valve technology.  

Reliable, strong and durable performance can meet the needs of various industrial coding. The printer can work normally in a variety of harsh environment, such as dusty, wet , vibration environment.  

The high precision technology makes reliable performance and minimal maintenance.

Ready to enjoy the benefits of drop-on-demand inkjet printing? Contact us now.

Large Character Inkjet Printer Coding and marking solutions for everyday industrial tasks

DOD Printer is as strong as possible

Modularly designed large character DOD coding and marking systems for text, dates or logos with print heights up to 140mm per printhead. For larger prints, multiple printheads can be combined.

The resolution meets the marking and coding requirements of almost all industrial applications. These large character systems are easy to use, robust and highly flexible due to the modular construction of the system components.

Large-character inkjet printers are often used to print (even barcodes) on corrugated or particleboard cartons, although there are many other applications involving inkjet printers.

Our DOD printers are considered the fastest and most reliable in the industry.

DOD is a broad umbrella term encompassing a variety of printing technologies, including:

Thermal inkjet printer

High-Resolution Case Encoder

Valve jet printer

DOCOD DOD Drop on Demand Large Character Inkjet Printer

DOCOD OEM/ODM DOD Inkjet Printer Function I--- logo dots

DOCOD OEM/ODM DOD Inkjet Printer Function II——database dots

DOCOD OEM/ODM DOD Inkjet Printer Startup Operation

DOCOD D130 White Ink Printing on Black Pipe/Bag/Tyre


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