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T2 Egg Coding and Marking Solution

Egg Coding and Marking:

Combine the conveyor belt to transport eggs for printing, and reserve holes in the conveyor belt design so that each egg can be placed and fixed on the hole. The eggs are transported forward on the conveyor belt at a set speed. When the sensor detects the egg signal, the relevant information is printed on the surface of the egg.

Coding in the egg industry:

Printing all kinds of clear information on the surface of the egg to realize the code traceability of the egg product can allow consumers to know the source and quality of the egg clearly when buying eggs, increase consumer confidence, and enhance brand awareness.More and more attention is paid to egg safety. With the continuous enhancement of safety awareness and the continuous implementation of relevant laws and regulations, there are higher requirements for the label of the egg industry.Therefore, we provide a complete set of reliable egg coding solutions.

Egg Coding and Marking Solution (T2)

Dedicated egg ink:

Food grade ink: directly contact with food, safe and assured.

High definition: the printed content is clearly visible, and can maintain high color contrast on the surface of the egg.

Low diffusibility: even if the eggshell changes naturally over time, it can still maintain a clear and bright print quality.

High adhesion: the ink can still adhere to the surface of the eggshell reliably in various humid and harsh environments.

Quick drying: extremely short dry operation time, to avoid information stickiness and improve production efficiency.

Anti-condensation: when the egg is transferred from a cold environment to a hot environment, it can still maintain excellent printing quality when condensation occurs.

The importance of egg coding

Egg Coding and Marking Solution (T2)Compliance with standards and regulations: governments of all countries have relevant requirements to mark and spray eggs, so that egg sales not only meet domestic safety requirements, but also meet the standard requirements of other countries for export.

Increasing consumer confidence: printing the production date and best eating date on the eggs can make consumers understand the freshness and quality of the eggs, dispel doubts in their hearts, and enhance consumers' confidence in the choice of eggs.

The information can be traced: the origin can be traced from all circulation links of the egg's origin, processing, and sales, so as to supervise each link, so that the quality of the eggs can be reliably guaranteed.

Enhance brand influence: by printing the brand trademark on the eggs, combining the quality of the eggs, and transmitting the brand message, consumers can increase the recognition of the brand and at the same time increase the loyalty to the brand eggs.

Differentiated comparison: printing information on eggs to achieve a different contrast with ordinary eggs, thereby increasing competitiveness and increasing sales.

Basic parameters:

ParametersInkjet printerConveyor
Input voltage220V(50Hz)220V(50Hz)
Speed rangeSupport the highest speed   of the conveyor beltElectronic speed   regulation, speed regulation range 5~28 m/min
Machine size202mm*119mm*61.2mm1500mm*250mm*750mm(Bandwidth:200mm)

Program advantages

Egg Coding and Marking Solution (T2)

Stable and reliable

Aerospace-grade aluminum material, matched with high-performance CPU and industrial-grade FPGA main control chip, anti-interference components, and embedded Linux system. It can still guarantee high-quality printing under various harsh environments.

T2 Egg Coding and Marking Solution

Accurate printingposition

Egg can be fixed on the hole position, and the top, middle or bottom of the egg can be printed. The position of the printing information is accurate, and the information will not be missed or lightly printed due to excessive deviation.

Egg Coding and Marking Solution (T2)

Anti-collision rebound component

Automatically adjust the height according to the different curvature of the egg surface, combined with the curved surface of the egg anti-collision baffle, which can effectively protect the egg surface.


T2 Egg Coding and Marking Solution

Speed up marking speed

Combined with the conveyor belt, eggs can be quickly placed, quickly positioned, quickly printed, and quickly recovered, which improves the efficiency of the entire printing process.

T2 Egg Coding and Marking Solution

Special recycling tray

After the eggs are printed with information, the rolling speed is reduced by the buffer device, and the eggs fall into the tray automatically, which can realize fast and safe recycling.

T2 Egg Coding and Marking Solution

Clear and easy to read

Stable machine, accurate positioning, high-quality ink, all kinds of information printed on the surface of the egg are clearly visible, and the color is bright.


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