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T380 Mini Paging Machine

Automatic Coding And Separating Pages Equipment 

The stacks of packaging bags or cards can be automatically separated into individual pages, and then relevant information can be printed on each individual page. The automatic operation method can reduce manual paging time and improve production efficiency.

Stable and reliable equipment:

Industrial-grade equipment performance, safe operating system, reasonable hardware layout, precise component design, stable structure connection, reliable operation in various complex environments, ensuring stable printing quality.Systematic project research and development, standard testing and verification, standardized production and installation, and strict control of each process to ensure reliable equipment quality.

Applicable to various industries such as food, beverage, electronic components, cosmetics and care products, construction, medical treatment, tobacco, pipes, wires and cables, automobiles, etc.It can be clearly marked on the surface of paper boxes, metals, plastics, glass, ceramics, rubber, wood, composite materials and various material.


Excellent quality ink:

Environmentally friendly ink: protect the environment and human health, and meet environmentally friendly labeling requirements.

High definition: the printed content is clearly visible, the effect is real, and the color is bright.

Resistant extreme temperature: maintain excellent printing quality in harsh environments.

Quick drying: short dry operation time, avoid information stickiness and improve efficiency.

High adhesion:for different materials, all have high stability adhesion.

Multi-color options: black, white, red, blue, yellow, and green invisible UV to meet various production needs.

Friction resistance:multiple contact friction during use, the logo can remain clear and bright.

Resistant to chemical corrosion:withstand chemical solvents such as alcohol, to ensure that the logo is clear and easy to read.

Basic parameters:

Paging method

Reverse wheel type

Input voltage


Product power


Conveying speed

30   m/min

Page size


Paging thickness


Machine size


Machine net weight



T380 MINI Paging Machine

Stable and reliable

Aerospace-grade aluminum material, matched with high-performance CPU and industrial-grade FPGA main control chip, anti-interferencecomponents, 

and embedded Linux system. It can still guarantee high-quality printing under various harsh environments.

T380 MINI Paging Machine

Printing fine-tuning components

According to different needs and products of various sizes, when the printing information has a position deviation, no tools are needed, and the components can be fine-tuned in the horizontal direction, which can quickly and conveniently adjust the position of the information printing.

T380 MINI Paging Machine

Improve production efficiency

Automatically separate the entire stack of packaging bags or cards, divide them into single pages and print information, reduce the cumbersome manual sorting, and greatly improve production efficiency.

T380 MINI Paging Machine

Adjustable paging thickness

The gap between the conveyor belt and the reversing wheel can be adjusted by itself to adapt to products of different thicknesses, ensuring that the single sheet can be pushed out smoothly.

T380 MINI Paging Machine

Multiple page sizes

According to various products of different sizes, the distance between the outer guides of the pagination can be adjusted by itself, and the maximum pagination size is 160mm.

T380 MINI Paging Machine

Save space resources

The equipment is small in size, takes up less space, and can be moved at any time, flexibly adapting to various use environments and production requirements.

T380 MINI Paging Machine

Dedicated receiving bracket

When the product is sprayed with information and the whole machine is separated at a certain speed, the receiving bracket can accept the product and realize the neat and rapid recovery.

T380 MINI Paging Machine

Clear and easy to read

Stable machine, high-quality ink, all kinds of information printed on the surface of the product are clearly visible, and the color is bright.

DOCOD T380 Paging machine


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