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T480 High Speed Marking Machine

Automatic Label Marking And Rewinding Equipment :

Used for all kinds of product labels, the entire roll of message is printed and synchronized and automatically rewinded. It can run continuously and stably at high speed. The content is marked clearly and brightly. The label recovery is compact and tidy, which improves the overall production efficiency.

Stable and reliable equipment:

Industrial-grade equipment performance, safe operating system, reasonable hardware layout, precise component design, stable structure connection, reliable operation in various complex environments, ensuring stable printing quality.Systematic project research and development, standard testing and verification, standardized production and installation, and strict control of each process to ensure reliable equipment quality.

Applicable to various industries such as food, beverage, electronic components, cosmetics and care products, construction, medical treatment, tobacco, pipes, wires and cables, automobiles, etc.It can be clearly marked on the surface of paper boxes, metals, plastics, glass, ceramics, rubber, wood, composite materials and various material.


Excellent quality ink:

Environmentally friendly ink: protect the environment and human health, and meet environmentally friendly labeling requirements.

High definition: the printed content is clearly visible, the effect is real, and the color is bright.

Resistant extreme temperature: maintain excellent printing quality in harsh environments.

Quick drying: short dry operation time, avoid information stickiness and improve efficiency.

High adhesion:for different materials, all have high stability adhesion.

Multi-color options: black, white, red, blue, yellow, and green invisible UV to meet various production needs.

Friction resistance:multiple contact friction during use, the logo can remain clear and bright.

Resistant to chemical corrosion:withstand chemical solvents such as alcohol, to ensure that the logo is clear and easy to read.

Basic parameters:

Input   Voltage


Product   Power


Printing   Height

Single   head 12.7mm,Double head 25.4mm

Maximum   label width


Maximum   label outer diameter


Core   Size


Speed   Range


Maximum   load


Machine   Size


Machine   Weight

21.55 kg


T480 High Speed Marking Machine

Stable and reliable

Aerospace-grade aluminum material, matched with high-performance CPU and industrial-grade FPGA main control chip, anti-interferencecomponents, 

and embedded Linux system. It can still guarantee high-quality printing under various harsh environments.

T480 High Speed Marking Machine

Position sliding roller

The use of multiple sets of triangular paper feeding positioning shafts and the use of triangular stability ensure the reliability of the label running process, effectively maintain the label paper force, and make label recycling compact and tidy.

T480 High Speed Marking Machine

Adjustable label width

According to different label sizes, the label positioning device can be adjusted to ensure the label alignment does not shift and the information position is accurately printed.

T480 High Speed Marking Machine

Variable core size

The left end of the output and the right end of the recovery can be replaced with different sizes of roll cores, independently matched and installed to meet various usage needs.

T480 High Speed Marking Machine

Integrated marking and rewinding

The integrated combination of message printing and label recycling, simple and convenient operation, flexible use, and improved production efficiency.

T480 High Speed Marking Machine

Multi-level electronic speed regulation

According to the actual usage, the equipment can adjust the running speed by itself to adapt to different production printing scenarios.

T480 High Speed Marking Machine

Reduce labor costs

No need for personnel to manually rewind the label, automatic operation, reduce tedious procedures, and save labor costs.

T480 High Speed Marking Machine

Industrial copper core motor

Stable performance, low energy consumption, long life, can maintain high-speed operation and high-efficiency output for a long time.

DOCOD OEM/ODM TIJ Inkjet Printer--t480 Volume label printing machine

DOCOD Thermal Inkjet Printer T480 Volume label machine


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