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G100E Handheld Inkjet Printer

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  • Lightweight ABS body

  • Handheld online dual use

  • Calculate printing cost in real time

  • Multiple sets of dynamic date printing

  • Wireless keyboard and mouse contral

  • Multiple capacity batteries are available

G100E Handheld Inkjet Printer

G100E Handheld Inkjet Printer

Nozzle Parameters

Machine Type
G100E Handheld Inkjet Machine
Nozzle TypeThermal foamable head TIJ 2.5
Printing Accuracy

Maximum:300DPI * 300DPI / Vertical optional: 100DP1, 150DPI, 300DPI / Horizontal optional: 30-2400DPI precision adjustment

Printing HeightThe minimum print 1mm, maximum print 12.7 mm
Printing distanceBest print from 1-2 mm
Printing ContentMulti-language character / dynamic two-dimensional code / barcode / images / serial number / date / counter / variable dynamic
database / RS232 receive real-time data printing
Printing MaterialCardboard/ plastic/ metal/ plate/ pipe/ stone/ cable/ electronic components/auto parts/industrial chemical packaging/pharmaceutical food gift boxes
Ink Type

Aqueous / solvent and 42ml cartridge CISS

Ink ColorBlack/white/red/yellow/blue/green/stealth/UV
Cartridoe ChipContactless chip RFID tags, automatic identification and recording of the ink remaining parameters

Machine Parameters

Operating SystemEmbedded Linux operating system
The Main HardwareCortex-A7 1,2GHz dual-core processor / FPGA algorithm acceleration chipset
Communication interfaceUSB, RS232
External InterfacePhotocell, encoder,reverse inverting control
Support languageMutti-language (Chinese / English / Arabic /Danish / German/ Russian / French/ Finnish / Korean / Norwegian / Portuguese / Japanese / Spanish/ Italian etc...)
Power parameters100-240V AC input / 12.6V 3A DC output
Battery parameters7.2v 1 2600mAh Lithium battery pack (Built-in Lithium batterv)
Machine materialsABS + UV Spray
Machine specifications220mm*140mm*95mm
Working environmentTemperature 0-4S°C/ humidity 30-70%Rh
  • Built-in new integration hidden encoder

  • Comfortable handle with ergonomic design

  • Snap-on cartridge, more simple and reliable

  • OEM product with powerful customization features

  • Multiple sets of different information group printing

  • 1-6 level grayscale adjustable, easy to blacken and print

  • Switch between handheld and online, multi-scene application

  • UV spray body with lightweight ABS material, sturdy and resistant

  • The stable Linux security operating system, combined with the self-developed high-speed printing management system, can achieve an ultra-high-speed printing response time within 10 milliseconds per product.

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G100E Multi-Language Show


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