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UV Laser Marking Machine

  • High Precision

  • Reduction of Thermal Effect

  • Stable Performance 

Laser Power3W/5W/10W
Laser Wavelength355nm
Marking Precision≤3-5μ
Marking Area50-300MM(Can choose other range)
ApplicationNometal / non-metallic material
Marking Speed ≤18000mm/s
Min Line Width0.02mm
Min CharacterAdjust freely within marking range
Supported FormatsDXF/PLT/AI/PNG/JPG/BMP
Machine Power600w/800w
Voltage input110v-220v/50-60Hz
Cooling ModeAir cooling / water cooling

software system

Laser control system features  
Hardware time is not lost (working continuously in stock for more than 1 year)  
Supports network port and serial port communication, touch control and mouse control  
Operating temperature -10℃ to +60℃  
Panel waterproof and dustproof  
Software support laser state alarm and monitoring  
Software supports serial communication to turn on and off the laser  
Support automatic removal of font intersections to achieve perfect laser jet effect  
Support preview path and line maximum matching line quick check  
Support path optimization function, customers do not need to move files on the interface, it can automatically adjust to the optimal position  
Support marking total number shutdown save, boot into marking state and other Settings  
Multiple languages: Simplified Chinese, traditional Chinese, Korean, Japanese, German, French, Arabic, Spanish, Portuguese, Vietnamese, Persian, Russian, Thai, Polish, and Turkish  
Supports remote monitoring programs over the network  
Supports real-time adjustment of information position during marking  

UV Laser Marking Machine


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