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How about the Application of Laser Marking Machine on Glass Products?

Aug. 06, 2022

Glass products are very common in daily life and are widely used in daily use, home furnishing, medical treatment, building electronics, instrumentation and other fields. Glass is fragile, so marking and engraving on the surface of glass products requires a high level of craftsmanship, so special attention should be paid to the marking process. Next, Docod Precision Group introduces the application of laser marking machine in the field of glass products.

The laser marking machine is non-contact processing, the processing time is short, it can form a very thin beam, and realize fine marking on the tempered glass material, any complicated text, graphics, image, trademark, LOGO, barcode, two-dimensional code, production Batch number, autograph, etc.

The laser marking machine is non-contact processing, with short processing time and fine marking lines, which is very suitable for marking patterns or text information on the surface of glass materials. There are several ways to use a laser to mark glass.

How about the Application of Laser Marking Machine on Glass Products?cid=4


The marking process method of laser marking machine on glass products is as follows:

1. The laser marking machine uses a single laser radiation to produce a clear visible mark on the glass, but the direction of the crack and the stress pattern will expand in the direction perpendicular to the laser movement.

1) Using multiple laser radiation, the area adjacent to the marking area is heated by heat conduction, so that these areas form a stress gradient and reduce the possibility of secondary cracking.

2) In a short time or even a few days after the mark is printed, these cracks perpendicular to the moving direction of the laser will form new cracks, which will extend to the vicinity of the original mark to form fragments, which will affect the clarity of the mark.

3) This method is very effective for marking on soda lime glass and borosilicate glass. One-time laser radiation is more effective for marking on fused silica glass and quartz glass, because these two materials have very low expansion coefficients.


2. The laser marking machine uses a series of ring-shaped cracks to form text, bar codes, square or rectangular codes and other shape code patterns.

The glass produces low-density ring-shaped cracks through heating and cooling cycles. When the glass is heated, it expands and squeezes the surrounding materials. When the temperature rises to the softening point of the glass, the glass quickly expands to form a low-density material that protrudes from the glass surface.

3. The laser marking machine uses the same heating and cooling process, both of which change the surface of a certain volume of glass. However, the size of the spot used in this method is relatively large, and the boundary between the two density regions is not as clear as the ring crack method.

The marks produced by this method are not immediately visible, requiring a little pressure before starting to produce grid-like cracks along the laser marking area. Use the generated non-fragmented crack-like stripes to fill patterns to form text, graphics and various codes. Because this method requires a pure surface, clear marks can be printed with high-quality automotive glass.

It can be seen that, compared with ordinary marking methods, laser marking technology has higher processing efficiency, beautiful and detailed marking products, no need to consume materials, environmental protection, energy saving, and convenient maintenance. It is a common choice for glass product processing.

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How about the Application of Laser Marking Machine on Glass Products?cid=4

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