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Applications and Types of Handheld Inkjet Thermal Printer

Jul. 20, 2022

What is a handheld inkjet printer?

Traditional inkjet printers have been used for a long time to deliver in product-line printing for barcodes, expiry dates, production and manufacturing dates and product specifications.

Handheld printers were developed to increase the convenience of printing in warehouses and stores, yards and on the road without the inconvenience of power cables and weight.

They are a perfect improvement from the traditional hand-coding methods used before, including stenciling and roll coding.

Essentially, an inkjet printer is designed to look like a cordless power drill. However, instead of the rotary blade, we have inkjet nozzles that are programmed to print characters and images from a computer-controlled pressure system that is part of the assembly.

They have rechargeable batteries that allow them to be carried and used conveniently in a wide variety of places.

Applications and Types of Handheld Inkjet Thermal Printer


Suitable printing surfaces

Almost all surfaces can be printed using handheld inkjet printers. They work on both porous and non-porous surfaces, so long as these surfaces are dry.

For example, you can print on glass, wood, metal, fabric, plastic, concrete, ceramic, foils, leather, and even on stone.

Applications and Types of Handheld Inkjet Thermal Printer


Applications and Types of printing

Handheld inkjet printers are great because most of them can print numbers, text, logos, dates, times and barcodes. They are perfect for printing traceability information on packaging for various products.

Applications and Types of Handheld Inkjet Thermal Printer


Automotive and Aeronautic Industries

Vehicle and machine parts produced by third party suppliers can be packed in inkjet labelled outer cases to assist for part identification during assembly.

Safety signage, housekeeping marking and batch marking in the factories are also some important applications of inkjet printing.



Marking of military supplies’ containers, including crates, wooden boxes and barrels is best done using inkjets. Printing of fabrics for identification purposes can be done for uniforms and exercise kits for personnel in military barracks.


The Medical Industry

Pharmaceutical and medical suppliers need to mark equipment and medicine outer packaging for traceability, technical and commercial purposes.


The Food Industry

A lot of labelling is required in order to ensure conformance of foods in the global supply chains. Marking of crates and product outer packaging is an important aspect in food traceability.

Most food producers use pre-printed stickers with blank spaces for putting times, dates, and codes. However, handheld inkjet printer guns can assist in quick labelling both on-sticker and on the outer case directly with very good results.

With these machines, detailed labelling can be achieved for product specifications, instructions for use, ingredients and safety instructions.

Edible inks that print images and other messages on food, including on cakes and pastries, are available. they provide great opportunity for the production of homemade food art.


Other everyday Uses

Various everyday uses for these machines exist. Some people need to label disassembled prefabricated structures like buildings, structures and furniture, from the designing area to the assembly store.

It is possible to brand fabric, create indoor signs and more daily printing request.


Applications and Types of Handheld Inkjet Thermal Printer

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