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Autumn training and exchange meeting of Docod Precision Group

Nov. 11, 2021

On November 4, the autumn training and exchange meeting of Docod Precision Group was held as scheduled. Many customers and friends gathered in Docod to learn and exchange together.


1. Entrance

Customers and friends who came from far away arrived at the site one after another.



2. Visiting

The customers visited the production center of Docod Precision Group. The representatives of Docod introduced the production and operation process in detail so that the customers have a deeper understanding of Docod Precision Group!



3. Communication

In the exchange session, firstly, the general manager of Docod Precision Group -- Xie Ruzhou shared. Mr. Xie made a detailed explanation of the development and scientific research of Docod Group in the future. At the same time, combined with his own life experience, he shared the essence of INAMORI KAZUO’s book Heart -- all success is attributed to an altruistic heart. He also put forward the new corporate mission of Docod Group: "To pursue the happiness of all employees in body, mind, and material, and to help the great revitalization of Chinese national industry".



Guest speaker

Name: Xie Ruzhou

Profession: Product Manager

Hobbies: Reading, Chinese medicine, polishing products

Idol: INAMORI KAZUO, Musk, Lei Jun

Personality: meticulous and brisk (grinding products while grinding himself)

Place of origin: Yangchun, Guangdong, China (a semi-finished product, still have to continue grinding)

Mill: Docod Institute of Industrial Technology


4. Training I: 

The Group's latest DOD large character inkjet printer, the project leader Lv Qi to explain to customers and friends. Automatic cleaning, circulating mixing, fast disassembly, stable performance, and other functional characteristics, won the praise of our customers and friends.

Training I


Guest speaker

Name: Lv Qi

Profession: Product Manager

Hobby: Longboarding, off-road, playing with ink

Idol: Lei Jun

Personality: optimistic, sunny, quirky

Place of origin: Wuhan, Hubei, China

Mill: Docod Institute of Industrial Technology


5. Lunch

The self-service lunch was well received by our customers and friends. In their leisure time, they strolled around the beautiful park to be in better shape for the afternoon training and learning.



6. Training II:

The training and learning session was conducted by Liang Xingyin, the head of Docod CIJ project. This training set from the practical point of view, combined with the needs of our customers and friends and won the warm applause of them by the most concise content.

Training II


Guest speaker

Name: Liang Xingyin 

Profession: Product Manager

Hobbies: Cooking, playing basketball, polishing products

Idol: INAMORI KAZUO, Wong Ka Kui

Place of origin: Nanning, Guangxi

Mill:Docod Institute of Technology


7. Awards

At the end of the exchange meeting, Docod Group awarded honor certificates to the friends of customers who came to participate in the training.

Awards 1

Awards 2

Awards 3

Awards 4


8. Summary

The 2021 autumn training exchange meeting was a complete success and won the unanimous praise of the customers. This exchange meeting made the customers better understand Docod Group, and at the same time, it also helped the development of customers' enterprises!

Docod, always keeps a strong sense of responsibility, with high-quality machines, excellent service, to gain the trust of our customers and friends.

Please look forward to the next quarter's training and exchange meeting!

A Photo of Docod Precision Group


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