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Handheld Thermal Inkjet Printer Application In Manufacturing

Mar. 31, 2023

G&T Series Portable Handheld Inkjet Printer

G&T Series Portable Handheld Inkjet Printer 

When you live in a world like ours—one where people expect the goods made on one continent to end up on another by the end of the day—it becomes more and more necessary to track every product as it passes down the supply chain pipeline.

To assist with that streamlined process, more businesses are finding uses for a portable handheld inkjet printer—a device that allows its users to print new information on products and product packages with just one easy motion. In industries as varied as food production to medicine, these devices are finding a place for themselves.

Handheld Thermal Inkjet Printer Application In Manufacturing

The Food Industry

To avoid spoiling and late arrivals, labeling is an essential part of the food industry’s supply chain. Food producers often attach pre-printed stickers to their goods with blank spaces so shippers and retailers can write times, dates, and codes.

But with the advent of the portable handheld inkjet printer, labeling can be done much quicker and with better results. The handheld devices can even take labeling one step further, providing instructions for use, product specifications, and safety warnings.

Also, edible inks that print images and messages on cakes and pastries can be a fun opportunity for homespun food art.

Automotive Industry

The parts of an automobile come from all over the world before they land on the manufacturer's floor. The suppliers of those parts place the pieces in inkjet labeled cases to assist in part identification during the assembly.

In the factories themselves, portable handheld inkjet printers can be used for safety signage, housekeeping marking, and batch marking.

Medical Industry

To make traceability and packaging more efficient, the medical and pharmaceutical industries mark their equipment using portable handheld inkjet printers. Endlessly versatile, the inkjet handheld printer is helpful in the medical world for its ability to print on bottles, foil pouches, packs, plastic, glass, and metal.

Military Applications

You’ll find uses for a portable handheld inkjet printer throughout the military. Since the United States Army acts as a machine for moving vast quantitates of resources and people across the world at a moment’s notice, they routinely make use of the handheld date code printer to mark containers, crates, wooden boxes, and barrels. Printing on fabrics is also invaluable for identifying uniforms and exercise kits.

Everyday Uses

Handheld inkjet printers can even be used in the home. For kitchens, they are helpful for labeling food or shelving areas. People can also use them on fabrics to remind parents which clothing item belongs to which child—a very helpful trick for families with kids at similar ages.

This brief list of applications is far from the complete picture of all the places you can see handheld printers. Every day people are finding new uses for this handy gadget, and the rate of discovery is not showing any signs of slowing down. Someday these tools will appear on every factory floor, kitchen, and military base.

Applicable to hundreds of industries, easy-to-use, and requires almost no storage space, the handheld printer is a device for any business looking to simplify its supply chain.

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