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High-resolution Thermal Ink Jet Printing

Nov. 21, 2022


Other types of ink jet printers can be complex systems with ink pumps, pressure regulators, filters, and sensitive print heads requiring regular cleaning and calibration. Maintaining these systems requires highly trained maintenance staff or service contracts with outside technicians. Not so with HR printers.

HIGH-RESOLUTION(HR) printers use easily replaceable print cartridges similar to those used for years in office printers. The HR print head electroni- cally activates the heating elements inside the cartridge to release the ink for printing. So when you change the cartridge, you essentially get a brand new print head.


Easy Integration

The compact print heads and mounting brackets fit into most production lines and machines. Print heads are easily and precisely stacked for larger print heights.

A well thought out range of accessories with many handy components such as mounting brackets, I/O connecting elements, signal lamps, product sensors, and more, enables simple and quick integration.


Excellent Print Quality

Print resolution of up to 600 DPI can be accomplished, depending on print speed. Text, graphics, bar codes, and 2D codes are rendered using a variety of inks formulated for a good balance of print density and fast drying time, even at high speeds.

Environmentally Friendly

Odor-free, mess-free inks

No complex fluid systems to manage

Cartridges are easy to change and dispose of − no ink spills


Ink Cartridges

Each print head can accommodate a wide variety of ink cartridges formulated for marking porous or non-porous products.

Inks are water-based or alcohol-based and suitable for many specialty applications.


coated cardstock



poly plastics

PVC plastics


Ink cartridges are equipped with smart chips to allow monitoring of remaining ink volume, even after a cartridge has been removed and reinstalled. 

In addition, the operator can view the type of ink cartridge currently installed, the number of prints the cartridge can complete using the current print job, and the amount of ink used per print.



All HR controllers feature a sturdy stainless steel housing, full-color LED screen, intuitive graphical interface, and rotary dial control for menu navigation and selection.

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