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Holiday Notice of Dragon Boat Festival

Jun. 02, 2022

Holiday Notice

Holiday time

According to the notice of the General Office of the State Council on the arrangement of some holidays in 2022, Dragon Boat Festival: June 3 to 5, a total of 3 days off.


Warm Tips

During the holiday period, the warehouse will suspend delivery, so please make preparations in advance so as not to affect the normal production during the holiday.

Holiday Notice of Dragon Boat Festival


Origin of Dragon Boat Festival

May the fifth on the lunar calendar

Eating zongzi and dragon boat racing customs are to commemorate the great poet Qu Yuan in China's history. So the Dragon Boat Festival was once named as the "Poet's Day" after the liberation.


The breeze in May comes with the faint fragrance of zongzi. Zongzi is wrapped with leaves and true feelings, reminiscing the sentiments that have been precipitated for a long time. And it's the Dragon Boat Festival again, with the fragrance of zongzi floating in your arms, full of blessings sailing to you.


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