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How to Establish the SOP for the Common Problem Handling Process of the Inkjet Printer?

Jun. 10, 2021

For users, it is very important to do a good job of SOP. Print out some common problems in the form of a list. When problems arise, they can compare the situation at any time. If the problems are found to be similar or the same, they can follow the 1 in the solution. The maintenance process in 2, 3 steps can greatly improve efficiency and ensure the smooth progress of our production work and packaging labeling.

TIJ Inkjet Printer

TIJ Inkjet Printer

The following TIJ System Supplier lists several common inkjet printer failure maintenance methods SOP operation guide for the reference of the majority of users.

1. The printer's charging failure is abnormal.

Some imported brand inkjet printers sometimes give an alarm to indicate the failure. This failure will not immediately prevent the inkjet printer from printing information, but there will be certain hidden dangers that will affect the normal operation of the inkjet printer, so It must be paid attention to for maintenance.

Treatment method: The occurrence rate of this problem is relatively high, and the treatment is relatively simple. It is to clean the nozzle. After cleaning and drying the nozzle, ensure that the nozzle filter pipeline is unblocked, and the normal viscosity can generally be solved.

2. The ink line is not well split, and the printing information is blurred.

In the process of continuous operation of the inkjet printer for a long time, sometimes the diluent is not added in time, which causes the viscosity of the ink circuit to be out of control. At this time, we will find that the printing information is blurred and the ink line splitting will also be poor.

Solution: The staff at the production line finds that the printing effect is not good. First, check whether the inkjet printer has an alarm for missing consumables. If any, add it in time; in addition, check whether the nozzle is clean and whether it needs to be cleaned; solve the above two points Then, after adjusting the charging value, adjust and adjust the ink dot splitting of the printer at the best break point to ensure that the charging deflection is normal.

3. Poor ink recycling, ink leakage, etc.

First of all, we must judge the degree of poor recovery. Generally, it can be divided into two different situations: incomplete recovery and no recovery at all. Long-term use may lead to incomplete recovery caused by clogging of the recovery pipeline, and ink addition or clogging of the main filter. The venturi is blocked, in addition to the damage of the pump or the broken solenoid valve of the nozzle, it may also lead to poor recovery.

If it is not recovered at all, it may be related to the circuit control according to the situation, such as whether the recovery solenoid valve is working normally, whether the spool coil is on and off normally, from these two aspects, the problem can be basically judged, and the problem can be quickly targeted after knowing the problem. To solve the problem, there is a little trick here is to soak the nozzle recovery tank in the cleaning agent and use the ink supply pressure to open it.

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