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Our Labeling Solutions for the Industry

Dec. 30, 2022

Marking Methods for the Industry

Inkjet Marking

With our inkjet printers, mark your products directly. Easy to use, they offer excellent performance in terms of resolution as well as a wide range of printing height. With a wide variety of inks, these machines allow printing on many surfaces.

A Variety of Inks

Our inkjet printers are compatible with the main inking technologies. Throughout your production line, you will be able to adapt the type and colors of the ink for an optimal result.

When marking primary packaging in certain industrial sectors such as the food or pharmaceutical industry, the ink must not migrate onto and into the internal product. To eliminate this risk, our inkjet printers are equipped with safe and reliable food-grade ink

Printing on Any Surface

Cardboard, cans, metal, wood, pallets, glass bottles and jars, food films, plastic packaging: inkjet printers can identify all your products on smooth or absorbent surfaces.

Our Labeling Solutions for the Industry


We support you with state-of-the-art solutions to meet labeling and marking needs. Our industrial labeling systems, as well as our Markoprint inkjet printers are perfectly suited for integration into your production lines.

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