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The Differences Between CIJ Printers and TIJ Printers

Sep. 11, 2021

As a inkjet printers supplier , I will share it with you.


The Working Principle of CIJ Printers

Continuous Inkjet Printer

Continuous Inkjet Printer

CIJ printers operate on the basic premise of creating a continuous flow of ink. And the process begins when two chipped cartridges within the printer. And one for the ink itself, and the other for solvent. These two liquids are then fed to a larger main tank where the mixture becomes pressurized and fed toward the printhead.

After reaching the printhead, a piezoelectric element oscillates the ink, causing it to form droplets. These droplets are then charged by an electrode plate, pushing them towards the substrate in a precise manner.



The Working Principle of TIJ Printers

Thermal Inkjet Printer

Thermal Inkjet Printer

TIJ printers use a system of disposable cartridges for ink delivery.

The ink is delivered by the cartridge to a firing chamber where electronic resistors will heat the ink, expanding it into a bubble. And as the bubble expands, the ink droplet is propelled from the chamber and out of the nozzle.


The Differences Between the CIJ Printers and TIJ Printers

Printing Speed

Although TIJ and CIJ printers are suitable for fast printing needs, the printing speed of CIJ is still higher than that of TIJ.



In contrast, the TIJ printer system is simpler and requires almost no maintenance. If there is a problem, you only need to replace the ink cartridge, which takes a few seconds. Their intuitive operating guide means that anyone can install and start operating them in a matter of minutes.

CIJ printers are complex machines with many moving parts. They need to be cleaned frequently. So you need to be trained to use them, and you need trained technicians to install and maintain them.



TIJ printers can be turned on and off in just a few seconds, so users can simply turn them on and off as needed. In comparison, CIJ printers take several minutes to start up, so users often leave them running all day to avoid further downtime.


Environmental Friendly

The power consumption of TIJ printers is 80% lower than that of CIJ. And TIJ printers also use minimal solvents, which helps create a safe workplace. In contrast, CIJ printers consume a lot of solvents. The CIJ printer keeps releasing solvent into the atmosphere during operation.

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