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Thermal Inkjet Printer Gives High-Quality Prints

Sep. 02, 2022

Industrial inkjet printers equipped with Thermal Inkjet technology represents comprehensive solutions for ink marking on a production line. 


Thermal Inkjet (TIJ) printers utilize ink cartridge-based systems to apply traceability information onto packaging and products such as text, logos, 2D codes, and barcodes. It can assist reduce production costs by printing directly onto packaging and cases, thereby removing the need for labels. Few thermal inkjet printers are also built with advanced technology cartridges which have dual firing chambers, further reducing errors, maximizing uptime, and reducing wastage.

Thermal Inkjet Printer Gives High-Quality Prints

T210 Thermal Inkjet Printer


Various types of Industrial Inkjet Printers use heat instead of a piezo crystal. Intense heat is created in the head, which vaporizes the ink to create a bubble that expands so rapidly to force ink from the print head to the substrate. It does not have a warm-up or cool-down cycle. Hence, thermal inkjet printers are always ready for you to use.


It uses a drop ejection process that fires very small droplets of ink, resulting in a high printing resolution. The process works by applying a voltage and heating the ink rapidly and ejecting the ink from the nozzle because of expansion. They are remarkably well-suited for printing variable information onto packaging such as coated cards, film, plastics, and cardboard boxes for food, drink households, and pharmaceutical products.


A thermal inkjet printer can print to a high-resolution quality and are versatile for use on a wide variety of surfaces and materials. It is appropriate for coding onto flat surfaces. Quite easy to set up and adjust, their reliability and predictable cost of ownership endear them to production lines in a range of industries.


It is ideal for printing text, batch codes, and expiry dates. The high resolution produces topmost quality logos and graphics, including machine-readable and barcodes. Where faster line speeds need to be met, a choice could be a Continuous Ink Jet Printer or Laser Coder.


Most of the printing production for a laser printer will be slower than the thermal printer since it uses no ink or fluid by etching or vaporizing the surface layer of the material leaving an indelible permanent mark, and the process requires occasional warm-up time. While the continuous inkjet printers and laser printers produce good results, the thermal inkjet printer is the ideal tool to get when you are looking for a sustainable, cost-efficient, and quality output.


It permits you to print on any surface thus providing you with various options whether you want something on paper, plastics, metals, and cartons thus providing the best output for you. 


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