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What are the differences between laser coders and inkjet printers?

Oct. 19, 2021

Times are constantly changing, and now laser technology is developing by leaps and bounds. This marking method has penetrated in every production industry, including daily necessities, drugs and other products on the logo, which can be marked on the production date, bar codes, etc... People mainly use laser coding or inkjet printing, so what are the differences between the two?

application of inkjet coders


The cost of printing is different

First of all, the cost of the two is not the same. The cost of buying a laser coding machine is relatively high, the cost of inkjet printing is relatively low. But in terms of operating costs, the cost of laser inkjet printer is relatively low, because this equipment does not require maintenance and supplies in the use of the process. But if you use an inkjet printer, it consumes a relatively large amount of ink, so the overall consumption is large. At the same time, inkjet printers need to replace accessories after a period of time, relatively expensive accessories, such as nozzle replacement once the price will be more expensive, of course, you need professionals to replace.


The marking effect and marking speed are different

The marking effect of laser coders and inkjet printers are not the same.  The laser printer marking is clear and durable. But the effect of different types is not the same, so people mark according to their demands. Inkjet printers can be applied to a variety of paper materials, but its adhesion or effect will be affected by many factors, such as the working environment, temperature and other aspects of the impact. At the same time the marking speed is also different, relatively speaking, the speed of the laser jet printer will be faster.

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