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What is Laser Marking and How Does it Work?

Sep. 21, 2022

What is Laser Marking

Laser marking is a process that uses a concentrated beam of light to create permanent marks on the surfaces of target components. The process is typically carried out with a laser machine using an oscillator, a scanning mirror, and a focusing lens. 


The machine also allows automation and processing at high speeds, consequently leaving permanent traceable marks on a wide range of materials. Laser marking allows parts and products to be marked with:

● Texts, including part numbers and serial numbers

● Machine-readable data such as Unique ID codes, 2D Data Matrix codes, barcodes, etc.

● Graphics

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How Laser Marking Works

The laser marking technology creates lasting marks on component surfaces by generating focused beams of light containing high energy levels. The built-up energy is released in the coherent light beam directed at the material surface using mirrors. 

As a result of the light beam interacting with the component’s surface, there is a transfer of heat energy from the beam to the surface. Therefore, the appearance and properties of the material will change. Depending on the energy level, the laser can engrave, etch, anneal, or discolor surfaces with great precision. 

The concentrated beam targets only specific areas on the material, ensuring precise, high-contrast, and high-quality marks. These marks are permanent, and you can easily read or scan them on any surface. As a result, this marking process is ideal for operations where permanency and accuracy are critical.


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