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Which kind of users are laser and inkjet printers suitable for?

Oct. 14, 2021

Warm photos, vivid reports, and rigorous documents are sure to garner praise and recognition when they are printed and presented to friends, family, and business associates. Especially for business printing, a carefully edited and vividly printed document is more likely to get a successful contract. These photos and documents cannot be produced without a printer.


Printers as a modern office essential right-hand man, choose the right printer, in order to let the business take off quickly. Faced with the market of inkjet printers and laser printers, what is the difference between them? How to buy for home and business users? Which one is cost-effective? This article will help you uncover the secrets of printers and help you choose the right printer.


What is the difference between laser printers and inkjet printers?


Laser printers


Using lasers in printers may sound like a dangerous technology, especially with so much paper around, but the funny thing is that these are actually some of the simplest printers out there. So how do they work?


The principle of laser printers is to use laser scanning imaging technology to charge the imaging drum with static electricity to attract toner, while the heating roller heats the paper to fuse the toner inside the paper to complete the thermal imaging printing process.


Laser printers are usually used in offices and workplaces, not at home. They use toner rather than printer ink and are more economical, especially when used on a large scale. High printing accuracy, speed, and cheap and durable supplies are its advantages.


Duplex laser printers allow automatic duplex printing, while inkjet printers require a manual approach for duplex printing.

They can handle color printing, but not nearly as well as inkjet printers can handle photos and images.


Inkjet printers


Inkjet printers have become the most commonly used printers because they can provide excellent print quality without breaking the bank. You'll find inkjet printers of all shapes and sizes, from very large A3 photo printers all the way up to small wireless and portable compact printers that you can take with you on business trips.


Inkjet printing works by depositing very tiny droplets of ink precisely onto the paper to form an image. It has the advantages of small size, easy and convenient operation, low printing noise, and the ability to produce images comparable to photographs when using specialized paper.


Dpi (droplets per inch or dots per inch) is a common acronym that you will see when referring to inkjet printers. For example, when a printer has a resolution of 600 x 600 dpi, this means that the printer will place 600 dots per inch horizontally and 600 dots per inch vertically. Printers with higher dpi will produce better print quality. Lower dpi will generally increase print speed and reduce ink consumption, but it will reduce print quality.


inkjet printers

How do home and business users choose the right printer?


Where laser printers are suitable


In terms of office automation, if you only need to print text documents and Excel spreadsheets and want to be able to print for multiple users throughout the day, then a laser printer is the right choice for you. Because business users print more and need higher printing speed and accuracy, laser printers have a great advantage in this regard.


As for the cost, laser printers have lower printing costs than inkjet printers, and their consumption of printing costs mainly refers to the price of toner cartridges and printing volume, toner cartridges can be used up to add their own powder, reducing costs.


In addition, business users are generally networked printing, high-quality laser printers are equipped with a network interface to meet the needs of network printing. At the same time, laser printers generally come with memory, the size of the memory is directly related to the printer can accommodate the length of the print queue. When enterprises network printing, each computer may simultaneously send commands to the same network printer, if the memory is too small, it will cause the loss of the print queue, which will affect the efficiency of the light, or cause the loss of file data. In order not to affect office efficiency and printing accuracy, the premise of the purchase of a quality laser all-in-one machine is necessary.


Inkjet printers are currently the most suitable choice for home users, SOHO family, small and medium-sized enterprises


Home users, SOHO family, small and medium-sized enterprises usually print more high-precision photos, inkjet printers to print photos with high precision advantages so that the photos, labels, stickers, postcards, greeting cards, calendars and other finished products are colorful and lifelike.


Families with children to print homework for children, print paper models, but also enjoy the fun of interaction between parents and children.


And art-based users can also design their own brochures, albums, books, heat transfer mugs to give to friends and relatives. A multi-purpose machine, very convenient. Some inkjet printers also support continuous supply, but also the printing costs are significantly reduced. Through the printer's wireless printing function, the printed photos to friends and relatives to share, but also a warm memory.


★ TIPS: inkjet printers are not used for a long time, the ink cartridges and nozzles will dry up and can not be used properly. Therefore, it is recommended that home users who use inkjet printers print at least once a month to prevent the nozzles from clogging and drying up.

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