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Why Doesn't the Laser Marking Machine Emit Light?

May. 23, 2022

As we all know, if the laser marking machine does not emit light, it cannot produce the mark we want, so why does the laser marking machine not emit light? How to deal with the failure of laser marking machine not emitting light? Docod Precision Group shares are as follows:


Why doesn't the laser marking machine emit light?

1. First check if there is a mistake in operating the laser marking machine. If so, you have to turn it off and restart it for a try;

2. Pull the control line of Jiu Rui to see if the control line is loose or the connection is unreliable.

3. It may be that the type of laser is incorrectly selected. In the parameter setting, the type of laser is not correct. It is one of the main causes of continuous light emitting failure.

4. Remove the control wire (nine-core wire) on the power supply, and press the button of the laser power supply to analyze whether the power supply or the main board is faulty.

5. If the burst is not normal, it means there is a problem with the power supply.

6. If the burst is normal, it means that the power supply is not faulty.

7. When the power supply is normal, connect the control line, and then use a multimeter to measure the switch on the wiring board to control the pins. If the normal voltage is above 4 volts when it is not emitting light, if the normal voltage is below 3 volts, the motherboard output is abnormal. NS;

When lighting, the voltage of this pin should be below 2 volts, if the output is higher than 2.5 volts, it is abnormal.

8. Check that the water circulation is abnormal, whether the water flow is sometimes or not, and there is no problem with the water protector.

The laser marking machine marks a permanent mark that cannot be erased. It is vaporized directly on the surface of the object by a laser, and can be distinguished by the naked eye without the aid of any auxiliary tools, which is convenient for consumers to identify.

Why Doesn't the Laser Marking Machine Emit Light?cid=4

UV Laser Marking Machine


The laser marking machine breaks through the standardization and singularity of traditional ink jet coding technology, creates a brand-new coding method, highlights product characteristics and brand differences, and enhances product competition in the increasingly fierce market At the same time, it provides a powerful tool for shortening the product upgrade cycle and flexible production.

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Why Doesn't the Laser Marking Machine Emit Light?cid=4

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