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Why Use an Egg Printer for Coding?

Feb. 03, 2023

Coding on eggs is a common practice. So why are these egg suppliers more enthusiastic about coding their eggs?

Eggs coding

Compliance with laws and regulations.

For many years, some European countries have required coding of eggs. Now, many governments have clear requirements for egg coding. Egg coding not only meets domestic food safety requirements, but also the requirements for export to other countries.

Consumers focus on eating healthy

The increased consumer demand for food safety and hygiene is one of the reasons why egg suppliers are printing codes on their eggs. Spraying the production date and manufacturer on the eggs makes it clear to consumers how fresh the eggs are and the manufacturer, increasing consumer confidence.

Brand differentiation

The contrast between the code on the eggs and ordinary eggs makes the coded eggs stand out from the many ordinary eggs. The spraying of the manufacturer's logo on the eggs also helps to enhance the company's brand.

Proof of egg quality

Eggs that are coded or traceable to the place of production, processing method, and distribution channel allow consumers to track the processing of the eggs, creating a monitoring role. To ensure the quality of the eggs, the quality of the eggs is shown to a certain extent.

Precautions for using egg beaters

The machine should be used at room temperature and in a dry environment to ensure that it is clean and to avoid electromagnetic interference.

When replacing the cartridge, the equipment should be turned off to prevent ink and cleaning solution from entering the mouth and eyes. If inadvertently contact with eyes, please flush with plenty of water.

Automatic egg coding machine has compact structure and precise design. In case of malfunction, professional personnel should be asked to repair it.

The machine is generally equipped with special ink and cleaning solution. It is best to replace the same ink and cleaning solution after use to avoid problems.

Static electricity can damage the equipment, please release the static electricity before using the equipment.

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