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Is Your Printer Maintained During Summer?

Aug. 16, 2021

It's August, it's a scorching summer, and the sun is blazing.

The hot weather has come in stride, and many manufacturers have begun to suffer because of frequent printer failures. Summer is the season with high incidence of printer failures, so you need to be more vigilant when using the printer, and summer is a good time to repair and protect it.

TIJ Inkjet Printer

TIJ Inkjet Printer

So during the high temperature period, what faults and problems are prone to occur when using the inkjet printer and how to solve them? Inkjet Label Printer Manufacturer is here to answer your questions.


The inkjet printer is prone to clogging of the nozzles during use. Therefore, when we shut down the printer in summer, we need to clean the ink pipes in the machine thoroughly so that no residual ink in the ink passages and nozzles will dry up.


When the weather is hot and high temperature, the viscosity of the ink is prone to problems. At this time, the viscosity of the ink will become higher, and the font slippage will cause the handwriting to be blurred and the printing effect will be poor. For this to happen, diluent needs to be added before use. The Linx machine has the function of automatically adding thinner, which solves this problem well, and the printed font is clear and complete.


After using the machine, if the cleaning work is not in place, the nozzle will easily become dirty, which will cause troubles to the coding. Therefore, it is necessary to keep the machine clean at all times. To


When the temperature gradually becomes higher, the solvent consumption will also become larger, resulting in insufficient usage in the coding process. In this regard, the Linx8830 machine adopts a unique service module design, which makes the consumption of some solvents as low as 3.5ml per hour.


Since inks and solvents are both volatile, when the temperature rises, the concentration of gas may cause a fire hazard. Therefore, when the TIJ Inkjet Printer is working in summer, the production space needs more ventilation.

Of course, the problems with the printer equipment in the summer are far more than the above points. If other problems are found during the operation, you can communicate with us in time to solve them. While using our machine, we must also maintain it well!

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