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T110 Thermal Printing Machine

Thermal Foaming Inkjet Printer Flexibly Adapted To The Environment :

T110 thermal foaming inkjet printer series has the characteristics of high resolution and high speed printing, and has strong adaptability to industrial environment.

Built-in integrated nozzle design, small size, can be adapted to install in various production environments.

The ink has strong adhesion and is suitable for various substrates. The ink cartridge is easy to replace, no need to fill the ink messily, and maintenance is simple.

Stable performance, safe operating system, can still guarantee high-quality content printing effect in various harsh environments, suitable for various industries such as food, electronics, medicine, plastics, building materials, hardware, etc.

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Machine Type
T110 Thermal Printing Machine
Nozzle typeTIJ 2.5 thermal foaming nozzle
Nozzle number1
Printing accuracyMaximum: 600DPI * 600DPI
Vertical optional: 100DPI, 150DPI, 300DPI, 600DPI
Horizontal optional: 30-600DPI precision adjustment
Printing height12.7mm (single nozzle height is 12.7mm)
Printing distance1-5mm
Number of printing linesAny number of lines can be edited within the effective printing height
Printing speed406m/min(90DPI), 304m/min(120DPI), 240m/min (150DPI), 120m/min(300DPI), 60m/min(600DPI)
Print contentText, time, date, pattern, shift, serial number, dynamic barcode / QR code, dynamic serial data, dynamic database(Additional content can be added as required)
Barcode types: CODE11, C25INTER, CODE39, EXCODE39, EAN13, EAN13x, CODE128, CODE16K, CODE49, CODE93, Flattermarken, UPCA, UPCE, EAN14, VIN, NVE18

2D code types:QRcode, DataMatrix, MicroQRcode, PDF417, PDF417TRTRUNC, MICROPDF417
CounterMore than 20 independent counters
Printing materialCarton, plastic, metal, sheet, pipe, stone, cable, glass, electronic components, auto parts, industrial chemical packaging, medical food gift box
Ink typeFood grade, water-based, oily, weak solvent, solvent
Ink colorBlack, white, red, yellow, blue, green, invisible, UV

Operating systemEmbedded Linux security operating system
display screen5 inch color display, industrial touch screen
Main hardwareAmerican TI AM3358 industrial grade CPU, American Xilinx Spant9 industrial grade FPGA, TIJ dedicated ASIC chip
Communication InterfaceNetwork interface, USB, RS232
External interfaceOptical eye, encoder, flip upside down control
Nozzle installationBuilt-in integrated nozzle
Support languageSupport more than 40 national languages (Chinese, English, Arabic, Danish, German, Russian, French, Finnish, Korean, Norwegian, Portuguese, Japanese, Spanish, Italian, etc.)
Power parametersInput 100-240V AC; output 12V DC, 3A (charger)
Battery parameters
Machine materialAviation grade aluminum
Machine specificationsHost 138mm * 87mm * 60mm; nozzle group 112mm * 79mm * 103mm
Working environmentTemperature 0-45 ℃ / Humidity 30-70% Rh
Related certificationRoHS, CE, FCC

Software features

T110 Inkjet Printer has a stable Linux security operating system, combined with a self-developed high-speed printing management system, can achieve an ultra-high-speed printing response time within 10 milliseconds of each product.
High-quality content, high-speed printing, up to 406m / min
One object, one code. Identification data printing, anti-counterfeiting and traceability management, network-related product information can be queried
Real-time calculation of printing cost function, directly display the printing cost of each message, which is convenient for manufacturers to calculate prices
Support GS1 DataMatrix, serial format to meet the printing requirements of various industries
Compatible with a variety of weighing protocols, can be connected with multiple manufacturers of different models of electronic scales, directly print the weight and price barcodes that meet the supermarket
Support access to wireless keyboard and mouse, flexible control interface function
Support scanner input information, not only can quickly enter information, but also to ensure the accuracy of information
1-6 gray scale adjustment, plus black printing effect, the display is clearer when printing different substrates
Unique encoder stepless frequency conversion function, which can adjust the printing width as required

Hardware features

Inkjet Printer with AM3358 industrial-grade high-performance CPU and Spartan6 industrial-grade high-computing FPGA as the core control chip, it can easily process various variable printing data in the case of high-speed printing.
Stable hardware layout, while using anti-interference industrial electronic components, can still guarantee excellent printing effects in various interference harsh environments.
High-precision SMT patching process, detailed DIP plug-in post-solder, multi-dimensional PCBA finished product testing, to ensure the high quality and reliability of the hardware from all aspects of the process.
The integrated motherboard design is more reliable than the letter board design, and the data transmission interaction is faster, more stable, and safer.

Inkjet Printer Structural features

Built-in integrated spray head design, small size, can be adapted to install in various production environments
The maximum printing height can reach 12.7mm, and any number of lines can be printed within the printing height range
A variety of optional brackets, different installation methods, can be flexibly combined with various production equipment
Snap-on ink cartridge installation, firm and reliable, easy to replace

Ink supply characteristics

RFID non-contact chip, can identify the type of ink, automatically match the optimal printing parameters
Automatic calculation system of ink remaining quantity, predicting the number of prints left by each ink cartridge
Clean ink cartridge technology combines the nozzle and ink, no need to fill the ink messy, easy maintenance
Ink cartridge preheating function, can heat the nozzle in low temperature environment to maintain a stable printing status
Equipped with 42ml ink cartridge, and can be connected to a large-capacity ink bag or continuous ink supply system to ensure the continuity of printing

Other features about T110 Inkjet Printer

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DOCOD TIJ PRINTER T110M Printing on the production line

TIJ PRINTER T110M Printing on the production line

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