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T220E High Speed Variable Date Printing System

  • GS1 DataMatrix

  • Network remote centralized management

  • Production line alarm light control

  • Calculate printing costs in real time

  • Wireless keyboard and mouse control

  • Anti-counterfeiting trace data printing

  • Printing speed up to 406m/min

  • Lighter and thinner more flexible

T220E High Speed Variable Date Printing System

T220E High Speed Variable Date Printing System

T220E High Speed Variable Date Printing System

Technical Parameters
Machine Operating SystemEmbedded Operating System
Main HardwareCortex-A7 1.2GHz dual core processor industrial grade FPGA chip
Communication InterfaceNetwork Interface USB/RJ45 to RS-232
External InterfacePhotocell, Encoder, Alarm output
Support LanguageItalian, English, French, Finnish, Arabic, Danish, German, Russsian, Norwegian, Portuguese, Spanish, Japanese 
Power Supply30Volts 3Amps DC output
Body MaterialIndustrial Stainless steel
Dimension ControllerController: 197.6mm*113mm*37.6mm / Head Holster 177.5mm*91.7mm*54.3mm/Screen 7 inches
Working EnvironmentMax Temp 55C Degrees / Humidity 30 to 70% RH

Printing HeadNozzle TypeThermally Foamable Head TIJ2.5
Print Accuracy90DPI / 120DPI / 150DPI/300DPI/600DPI
Print HeightMinimum 1mm / Maximum 25.4mm
Print Speed406m/min at 90DPI / 304m/min at 120DPI / 240m/min at 150DPI / 120m/min at 300DPI / 60m/min at 600DPI
Print distance2mm to 5mm
Print ContentsMulti language Characters, 2D Code, Barcodes, Images, Serial Number, Date,Counters, Variable Database, RS232 to receive real data to print
Printable SubstratesCardboard, Plastic, Metal, Cables, Electronic components, Auto Parts, Industrial chemical packaging, Pharmaceuticals and more
Ink TypeAqueous or Solvent based 42ml Cartridges CISS
Ink ColorBlack, White, Red, Yellow, Blue, Green, Stealth, UV readable
Cartridge ChipContactless RFID tags for automatic identification and recording ink parameters and consumptions

More reliable and professional hardware

  • Use of Cortex-A7 1.2GHz dual core industrial grade processor.

  • Self developed industrial grade FPGA, More stable, reliable and anti-interferences in various conditions rendering the printing a unique experience.

  • The print engine uses TIJ dedicated ASIC chip, a perfect match for a variety of original and licensed HP Inks.

  • Professional Cartridge preheat algorithm to ensure optimum print quality at high and low temperatures and environments.

More Powerful and Smarter software

  • Intelligent embedded Linux operating system provides a professional and more user friendly interface.

  • Embedded powerful drop consumption algorithm that allow instant calculation of cost per print.

  • Powerful variable functions of the 2D Code to meet the today growing customers' demand.

  • Efficient and flexible variable database functions to meet various applications requirements for product traceability.

T220E High Speed Variable Date Printing System

Double nozzles seamless stitching and independent installation

Easily match the weighing machine, packing and paging machine

Snap-on cartridge, more simple and reliableAdjustable inkjet concentration to meet different needs

Support large capacity ink bags and continous ink supply system

Multiple brackets along with various installation methods to choose

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T220E High Speed Variable Date Printing System


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