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Continuous Ink Supply System

Large ink supply and easy to add ink for mass production with lower costs

  • 350ml Large Capacity, 1 Cartridge for 8 Uses.

  • Excellent Waterproof Performance.

  • Almost No Nozzle Clogging.

  • Economical and Reliable, Use with Confidence!

  • Wireless keyboard and mouse control

  • Anti-counterfeiting trace data printing

  • Printing speed up to 406m/min

Continuous Ink Supply System

Continuous Ink Supply System

Continuous Ink Supply System

Continuous Ink Supply System

Instructions for Ink Cartridge Use:

  • 1. During operation, ensure the large ink cartridge is either hung vertically or wal-mounted. Maintain the bottom ofthe large ink cartridge at approximately 19 centimeters above the lower edge of the print head.

  • 2. For your first-time usage, close the valve on the continuous ink supply system by aligning it vertically with the inktube. Use the ink cartridge maintenance tool to conduct a vacuum priming, Following this, open the valve to commence printing, fink leakage occurs during operation, you can utilize this vacuum priming method and performnozzle cleaning as needed.

Hey, let's take a peek at how to use the continuous ink supply system! It's as easy as pie, my friends!

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Docod Continuous Ink Supply System: How to Use It? Find Out Now!


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