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Automobile Industry

Provide printing and marking solutions for various parts in the automotive industry, with clear markings with high adhesion, high and low temperature resistance and chemical corrosion resistance.

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The automobile industry involves a variety of parts and components, and the spray-printed logo must have high adhesion and cannot be erased. In the process of use, there are various harsh environments such as high temperature, low temperature, humidity, and dust. It is required that the logo is not easily affected by the environment. Due to the wide variety of parts involved and different materials, we provide coding and marking solutions with different technical combinations, suitable for accessories of various sizes and material types. Including 24h driving involving high temperature, dusty tire marking schemes, high-definition micro-marking schemes for various electronic components and circuit boards, permanent marking schemes for engines, turbines, and structural parts, and various parts marking schemes.

Printing material:

Plastic, metal, rubber, glass, wood, ceramics, composite materials, printed circuit boards and other materials

Printing content:

Text (model, specification), date (production date, warranty date), pattern, shift, batch number, brand trademark, barcode, QR code, other independently edited information, etc.

Ink characteristics:

1. Environmentally friendly ink, no pollution to the environment, no impact on human health.

2. High definition, the printed content is clearly visible, and the color is bright.

3. High and low temperature resistance, even in the harsh environment of high temperature or low temperature, it can still maintain excellent printing quality.

4. High adhesion, for different materials, all have high stability adhesion.

5. Quick drying, extremely short dry operation time, to avoid information stickiness and improve production efficiency.

6. Resistant to chemical corrosion, the coding mark can tolerate alcohol and other chemical solvents, ensuring that the mark is clear and easy to read during production and use.

7. Anti-migration, the logo will not be transferred or confused due to pressure or temperature during printing and use, and it can remain clear and bright.

8. Friction resistance, repeated contact and friction during use, the logo will not fade, and it can remain clear and bright.

9. A variety of colors are available, including black, white, red, yellow, blue, green, invisible, UV and other types of inks to meet the various needs of product production.

The importance of identification:

1. In compliance with standards and regulations, governments of all countries have related requirements. Auto parts need to be marked and coded, so that the sales of parts not only meet the domestic safety requirements, but also meet the standard requirements of other countries for export.

2. The information can be traced back to the origin, processing, sales and other circulation links of auto parts, so as to supervise each link and ensure reliable product quality.

3. Conducive to supplier management, printing related serial numbers or QR codes, combined with product flow tracking, can effectively manage product sales regions.

4. Product quality improvement, printing related batch numbers and other related information. When there is a quality problem, the product can be recalled to identify the cause of the problem, which will help improve and enhance the quality.

5. Protecting the brand image and safeguarding the legitimate rights and interests of the manufacturer can prevent counterfeit products from affecting their own quality and reputation.

6. Product effective anti-counterfeiting, printing random code or anti-counterfeiting code, can help consumers quickly identify genuine products.

7. The brand influence is improved. By printing brand trademarks on auto parts and transmitting brand information, consumers can increase the recognition of the brand and increase the loyalty of the brand.

8. To expand the product market, the printed information is a promise to consumers, which can increase consumers' willingness to pay, thereby helping to increase product market share and increase sales.

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